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Class Fees: Pay in class with Visa, MasterCard, Personal Check, Business Check, Money Order or Cash.

You can make your payments when you attend class. Please use Visa, MasterCard, American Express, Discover Card, Credit, Debit Card, personal check, business check, money order, or cash. Prices are subject to change. Refund forms for Pediatric courses are issued in class. Dental CEU Forms are available in class. There is a prepay option available over the phone. Parking is free! Call (949) 251-9085 for more information!

Fee in Centers:

  • CPR BLS A—$39
  • CPR BLS B—$44
  • CPR Pediatric—$44
  • CPR BLS C Re-Certification—$44
  • CPR BLS C "Health Care Provider"—$49
  • Standard First Aid—$44
  • Pediatric First Aid—$44
  • Water & Pool Safety—$49
  • AED (Add $10 on to CPR Fee)—$10
  • Discounted Rate for Jr. High & High School Students-$25 CPR B, $25 Standard First Aid, $45 When Purchased Together ($88 Value!)

Discount Passes (Used in Center):

  • 3 Minimum—$40 Per Pass
  • 20 Minimum—$35 Per Pass
  • 1 Pass needed for CPR
  • 1 Pass Needed for First Aid
  • Passes Never Expire
  • Arrive at Start of any class with pass.
  • Purchase in Advance by Credit Card or Check. Check Made to UTC Inc.
  • Add $10 for AED Class

Discount Passes

With a discount pass, you are prepaying and buying a ticket or voucher ahead of the classes. You are getting a discount for buying a large quantity of passes. The passes come in a minimum of three and can be used for any class that is offered. The passes are $40 each if you buy 3 passes minimum. The price drops to $35 apiece if you buy 20 passes miniumum.

Groups on Location Fees (Not at UTC Center):

  • CPR BLS A—$25
  • CPR BLS B—$30
  • CPR Pediatric—$35
  • CPR BLS C Re-Certification—$35
  • CPR BLS C "Health Care Provider"—$40
  • UTC Trains at Your Site
  • AED- $10
  • 10 Person Minimum on Location
  • Standard First Aid—$30
  • Pediatric First Aid—$35
  • Water & Pool Safety—$35
  • Earthquake & Disaster Rep—$30

Group Location Discounts:

  • $5 Off Per Person/Per Class with 20 or More
  • $5 Off Overall Fee w/ Back-to-Back Classes
  • $30/Hour Travel Fee

Groups on Location (Not at UTC) Combination Classes:

20 People Minimum/Class Fee:
  • A CPR & First Aid—$40
  • B CPR & First Aid—$45
  • Re-Certification C & First Aid—$45
  • C CPR & First Aid—$50
  • Pediatric CPR & First Aid—$60
  • AED (Automated External Defib)—add $10 to class fee
10 People Minimum/Class Fee:
  • A CPR & First Aid—$50
  • B CPR & First Aid—$55
  • Re-Certification C & First Aid—$55
  • C CPR & First Aid—$60
  • Pediatric CPR & First Aid—$70
  • AED (Automated External Defib)—add $10 to class fee

"EMSA"—Emergency Medical Service Authority Approved Courses

  • Program #95-0918DC
  • Groups & Individuals
  • Call (949) 251-9085 for Assistance
  • Pediatric & Adult CPR
  • Pediatric First Aid
  • Water & Pool Safety